Iowa Bounce Pro top priority is safety for you and your family. We take every precaution to help ensure you and your guests never experience the types of injuries you hear about from other companies. We want you to have a fun and safe party. That's why we will cancel events if estimated wind speeds exceed manufacturer safe operating recommendations (typically 15-25 MPH). It's also why we encourage anchoring all inflatable games with stakes in grass and only using sandbags when a hard surface setup is absolute necessary.

Also, we cannot stress enough the importance of proper adult supervision. A lack of proper adult supervision can lead to injuries. Following the proper usage instructions found on the front of all inflatables can help eliminate having any accidents.

Ask Questions

Below is a list of questions you should ask, regardless if you choose Iowa Bounce Pro or another company as your bounce house/event rental provider.

1. Always make sure the company is insured and ask for proof. Minimum of 1mil 2mil policy.

2. Make sure the company is registered to do business in IA.

3. Ask what size stakes are used for anchoring. Minimum usage shall be 1 inch x 18 inch, double head stake.

4. See actual pictures of the product ex. bounce house tent or inflatable you are renting.

5. Ask about the sanitation process and what product they use to clean/disinfect.

6. Check the anchoring points after set up.

7. Get proper instructions on the specific bounce house or inflatable you rented.

8. Ask if the slides have protective netting at the top of slide so kids/adults CAN'T jump to the bottom.

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